Website for CyberBug constructor
Website for CyberBug constructor

Website for CyberBug constructor

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In 2019, we designed a series of soldering kits for Amperka. I described the detailed process for one set of CyberBug in an article on vc. We liked the result so much that we made a promo landing page for the set.

Everyone has seen cool Apple product landing pages, where everything spins, changes scale, and generally does not let the laptop processor get bored. I have long wanted to do something similar myself, but in the working mode there was not enough time for this. Either clients order a corporate website corporate website, or an electronic annual report, or a landing page for a service. And there are no objects, there is nothing to twist.

So all this would have remained in the plans, but spring 2020 came, current projects slowed down, the launch of new ones was postponed indefinitely. Now is the time to work on your project.


Concept, presentation: Artem Petrovich
3D visualization: Arseny Petrovich
Web development: Evgeny Zozulya